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What is therapy?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

What is therapy?

Seeking consultation, guidance, and direction in life, is as old as time itself. There are many forms and names that therapeutic relationships can take. Some may call it therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, mental health healing, or coaching; while others may go to a priest or a religious leader to fulfill these same needs. It’s all the same and relate to the scenario of successfully climbing a mountain peak where there are many different paths that lead to the top.

Therapeutic counseling exists within all cultures, in one form or another. Those, with the experience, and essential tools to deal with life's trials and tribulations, are often sought out to instruct, guide, and even lead others who are less experienced in these areas. Therefore, without those who possess these essential tools, many would not pass the daily tests that life gives us.

Therapeutic counseling is not only effective for healing, but for improving one's lifestyle as well. One may seek to become proficient in public speaking, conversation, developing self-confidence, or being able to feel totally at ease among strangers; with the use of therapeutic consultation, our inner abilities can be enhanced which would enable us to live a more productive, prosperous, and happier life

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