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What happens in therapy?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

What happens in therapy?

In therapy in the non-judgmental and safe place, the client receives honest and helpful feedback of which friends or family are not able to give.

These therapeutic sessions take place in an environment where the client can feel free and comfortable, to express feelings, thoughts, opinions, and to communicate without any restriction and fear of being judged. The sessions assist the client with overcoming obstacles, or road blocks; so that they will be able to move forward enjoy all the wonderful treasures which life has to offer.

Most often, the therapist attentively listens to the client and successfully navigates them through problematic situations. Quite often, the solutions to most problems already exist within the client but they may not be able to, on their own, locate the path to these solutions. All the therapist does in these situations is to lead by actively listening and directing the conversation by open-ended questions.

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