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Advantages of seeking online therapy

1) Professional support available anytime/anywhere as needed: therapeutic assistance is just a cellphone, or video chat away

2) Online therapy is less expensive: in many cases online therapy is only a fraction of the cost of in- person therapy

3) Clients may feel more comfortably: one may feel at ease because of being distanced, but still able to maintain the same doctor/ patient relationship where productive relationship can be development with out feeling uncomfortable

4) A larger selection of therapist: whether through referrals, or online selection, a wide variety of therapists are available to choose from no matter how far away they may be

5) Therapeutic services are available to everyone. In some instances there may be those who would, otherwise, never receive help, but online therapeutic services, with everyone can receive assistance now.

6) Sessions can be saved and referenced and checked over and over again later

7) Security: The security of having a therapist , by one’s side 24 hours, 7 days per week provides confidence and strength for client

8) Increased number of clients may be serviced: a very sought-after or popular therapist of clients which is beneficial for the therapist and the client.

9) More access to a variety of help: being online, the sessions may include more tools and materials from a wide range of sources, of which are easily attainable for clients.

10) Therapists are able to observe the clients environment: there may be issues within the client’s home, which affect their well-being, either positivity or negativity. With online sessions, the therapist would be able to assess the environmental situation of the clients.

11) Online is time efficient: in online therapy, no one has to worry about getting stuck in heavy traffic and overall commuting, online therapy can be taken in the comfort of one’s own home and at their convenience.