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5 most common issues that are brought up in therapy

In my many years of experience and having coached thousands of clients internationally and cross-culturally, I can honestly say that each and every client is unique and their stories and experiences are theirs and theirs alone. However, if I was to list 5 most common issues that are often brought up in therapy, they’d be as follows. 1. Communication: most people struggle with communication within boundaries of almost all interpersonal relationships. This issue usually stems from self dialogs and inability to collect, organize, control, and make sense of own thoughts before attempting to communicate with others. Once self dialog is tackled, Emotional quotient, EQ for short, will the immediate focus of therapy to overcome communication issues. 2. Unlearning: Learning is usually not a problem. We are curious beings who often put ourselves in new environments and situations to learn, adapt, cope, and grow. Often in therapy one of the main challenges is the process of unlearning unhealthy tendencies we have picked-up along the way either through personal experiences or uneducated guidance we have received through bad therapy, self-help materials, or online blurs. The process of unlearning is a doctrine that most people are unfamiliar with. 3. Finances: unorganized thoughts, shoves that shove bad decisions under the rug, instant gratification, and being gullible with any propaganda focused on how one should make and spend their money only leads to financial ruins. All individuals with mental knots and hangups struggle with finances. Money doesn’t buy happiness but being poor sure as hell fast-tracks depression. 4. Relationships: We want good healthy romantic relationships without doing the work to be the other half of this relationship. And its always them, it’s always the other gender and how they are manipulative or misunderstanding. One of the toughest realizations in therapy self-reflection. Even though currently the focus is on identity politics, there is no self-actualization. We have more unlearning to do than we have ever done before. 5. Addiction: substance addiction is nothing knew. It has been an issue for as long as there has been any understanding of the human psyche. These days the tenancy to self-regulate using behavioral addictions has exploded. Sex,food, gambling, porn, TV-shows, social-media, and on and on and on. Behavioral addiction is not a new topic but since it serves certain agendas, it has certainly been advertised and exploited extensively. So tell me in the comments below, which one of these issues would you have spent time on in therapy?

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