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10 Signs It's Time For Therapy!

1) Being unable to control one’s emotions such as anger or grief

We have to associate with others constantly. When we become easily irritated, angry, or frustrated for little to no reason, then a problem definitely exists.

2) Small issues always turn into large ones

We tend to over think every situation which creates an even larger issue.

3) Low self esteem

Feeling incomplete, inadequate, unworthy, struggling to build up and maintain relationships and lacking the self-confidence.

4) Suffering from depression

Bipolar disorders, clinical depression, and emotional distress comes into your life and controls your state of mind as well as your physiological well - being.

5) Substance abuse

Whether substance abuse began as a recreational or social past time or means of escape, it has taken control of your life and affected everyone around you, and you can find no way of escape from it.

6) Life changing events such as the loss of a loved one, retirement, or giving birth

There are many situations that can be life changing. In any case, we find ourselves unable to move on from these events or even come to terms with them.

7) Feeling withdrawn, wanting to be alone, not wanting to associate, speak, or interact with anyone, could indicate symptoms of anxiety or depression.

8) Children issues caused by divorce

Divorce can be devastating to all parties involved, especially to children. Behavioral issues, withdrawal, and depression are a few examples of this.